Service Season tickets, Parkcheck cards, Cash cards

Season tickets

With a season ticket, you or your visitors can park in the parking garage (€150 / 30 days) at a cheaper rate. Multiple entries and exits per day are possible. The card automatically becomes invalid at the end of the selected period. Payment is cash in advance in the garage office.


A Parkcheck card allows your customers or visitors a single entry to and exit from our parking garage without the need to use the pay station. This one-time ticket is programmed with a credit for parking time which you predetermine and which is activated upon entry into the parking garage. Payment is cash in advance in the garage office.

Cash cards

Pay €65, park for €80

At each entry or exit you will be shown the balance on your cash card. You always have the necessary overview and know immediately when and if you need to reload your card.

When your balance is used up, the card can be reloaded at any time in the garage office.

Payment can be made directly at the time of purchase or when reloading the cash card in the garage office.